Is there a pickup site near me?

Probably. We have pickup sites in various Miami-Dade locations, and of course, at the farm in the Redland/Homestead area. We also serve the upper Keys with dropoff sites in Key Largo, Tavernier, and Islamorada. We MAY set up additional sites if we get a minimum of 15 shares for that site. If it turns out that we cannot service a new area because we can’t meet the required minimum, you can choose another pickup site or we will refund your money before the season begins.

I want to split a share with a friend- what do I do?

One of you will be responsible for the signup and payment. We recommend that you take turns picking up the shares. You can also decide to each take some of the items, but we do not recommend trying to split every item in half– it just doesn’t work well..

Do I just take the first box I see?

Please don’t! Make sure you take the box that corresponds to your share size. The share boxes are clearly marked (“FAMILY”,  “SMALL”) and they are different sizes. Two SMALL shares does NOT equal 1 FAMILY share. We send out the exact number of shares for each site. If you take a different size share, or something out of another share box, you will be stealing someone else’s food!!

I don’t like this stuff, I think I’ll leave it and get more of the yummy stuff…

Don’t take items out of the other share boxes. That’d be stealing from someone else’s share! If your site host has set up a swap box, feel free to trade for something that’s in it. Consider trying that item you didn’t like before in a new recipe — and remember, fresh, organically-grown food often tastes VERY different from the ‘store-bought’ stuff. You might find a new favorite food –  experiment!

I just can’t handle not having any choices. What can I do?

We have a great option for you – our Farm Choice shares, available ONLY for farm pickup, allow you to choose half of your share items from the week’s harvest selections provided. Due to COVID-19 prevention measures, we are not currently offering this option.

What happens if I have to go out of town?

Please make arrangements for someone to pick up your share. If you don’t pick it up, please let your site host know so it can be donated to a good home.

Can I suspend my share?

Yes, you can suspend your share up to two times, and schedule a make-up share later in the season. On that day you will receive two shares.

How many times can I suspend my share?

Two times per season. Make-up shares must be received before season’s end.

What happens to leftover food?

That’s up to the site host. They are free to eat, give away, or donate the food to their favorite soup kitchen. The site host will tell you how long they will hold leftover food before it’s considered abandoned.

When does the food arrive?

We deliver on Friday (Keys delivery Friday afternoon). Boxes will usually arrive around the same time each week. Expect some variation – remember that sometimes traffic is bad, so the driver might be delayed. If we find out there will be a delay, we will try to alert the site host as soon as possible. It’s a good idea to turn on alerts on your account, and check your emails on delivery day.

I came late, and my box was missing!

Our site hosts graciously provide their homes and businesses for your convenience, but don’t expect them to be the ‘food police’. Please try to come early. Unfortunately, we can’t control what happens after we drop off the shares.  Sometimes a member asks a friend or spouse to pick up their share without explaining the simple procedure. They don’t have a clue what to do, and they take the wrong box. If you arrive late, you’ll be the one left short. If this happens to you, please speak with your site host – they might be able to quickly resolve the problem. If they can’t or are not there, please contact the farm IMMEDIATELY and don’t take another box – you’ll just make the problem worse. We’ll try to locate the wayward box and get it to you.

How much does a share cost?

A Family share in 2022 costs $53 every other week. Sign up for the full season and the price drops to $50. The Small share is $38 ($35 for full-season). We also offer add-ons to your share, including honey, fresh pollen, eggs,  and locally crafted bacon. We may offer new add-on share items from time to time. Price and delivery frequency varies depending on the add-on. You can add these when you pay for your shares, or later during the season. The price will be prorated for the remaining distributions.

Why does it cost more for off-farm pickup?

Providing a driver and refrigerated truck is a significant expense for us. The delivery fee is based on where you live- Miami-Dade ($3.50/distribution),  or the Keys($7). You can avoid this fee altogether by picking up your share at the farm.

What do I do with the boxes, bags, and rubber bands?

Our new brown unwaxed cardboard boxes are recyclable in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. If it’s in good condition, please carefully flatten and return your box. The trick is not to pull up on the flaps, but rather squeeze them apart. We reuse our boxes if they are not torn or soiled. On the farm we use sturdy coolers and totes designed to last for many years. Food safety issues require that we not reuse plastic bags or clamshell boxes, but YOU can, so please repurpose & recycle these things at home!

Why do you use plastic egg cartons?

The humidity in our walk-in cooler and in the refrigerated truck is very high. Pulp egg cartons soften up if they get wet or moist and will often fall apart when picked up, endangering your eggs. We want your eggs to travel as safely as possible. The plastic egg cartons we use are made of recycled plastic. We invite to you repurpose them (they’re great for art projects and small parts storage).

If I’m not happy. Can I get my money back?

We use your share dollars to buy our seeds, fertilizers, supplies and generally capitalize our operation. Most of these expenses are incurred prior to planting the crops. So, we let you know up front that there is a $65 non-refundable administrative fee (plus $15 for each share option) if you cancel and there are NO REFUNDS OF ANY KIND AFTER NOVEMBER 15th.  Read the full farm policy here.  If you’re not happy with the program, there are probably others who would be happy to take over your share. You can transfer or gift it to a friend, or you can request it be donated to our local soup kitchen. Your site host may know someone who wants to join, and you can make the financial arrangements directly between yourselves. But, please don’t be hasty to judge us by the first few weeks – remember that at the start of the season, things are ramping up- you may not get as much quantity or as much diversity as you will receive later in the season when we’re in full production. Hang in there awhile before you decide it’s not for you!