Share/Order pickup and refund policy

Share content/pickups:

  • I understand that Bee Heaven Farm (BHF) will do its best to provide me with fresh produce for each share distribution or order. A share will will include an assortment of several items, depending on what is maturing on our farms and quantities available. I understand that shares cannot be personalized, and I am not guaranteed any particular produce, since, like any other farm, Bee Heaven Farm is subject to factors outside anyone’s control, including unfavorable weather conditions, insect pressure, and disease.
  • I understand that if I fail to pick up my share/order within the allotted time window, and I have not made prior arrangements with my site host, my share/order will be considered abandoned. I will forfeit any claim to it, and it will be used, composted or donated as my site host sees fit.
  • I understand that Bee Heaven Farm (BHF, the farm) has no control over what happens once the shares/orders are delivered to the pickup site. If something goes awry, and the farm is notified in a timely manner (as soon as possible on delivery day), BHF will attempt to resolve the issue, or take reasonable steps to prevent a future recurrence. However, BHF makes no warranty or guarantee that any given item can be replaced if the farm is not able to locate it.


  • I understand that share cancellations before November 15 include a non-refundable $65 administrative/cancellation fee. All other share options include a separate, nonrefundable $15 administrative/cancellation fee.
  • I understand no refunds of any kind will be made after November 15 (note this is BEFORE the start of the season, so be sure).
  • I understand that there are NO makeup shares or refunds for missed weeks, missing or damaged items, or abandoned shares/orders.
  • I understand that I can transfer my share to another person, but I am responsible for making all financial arrangements directly with my successor. I will provide Bee Heaven farm with full contact information for the person taking over my share.


  • I understand that any form of payment to BHF (checks, money orders, card charges, electronic payments) returned unpaid, unprocessed or refused for any reason will incur, and I agree to pay, a returned payment fee of $30.


  • I understand that BHF relies on email communications to keep me informed. I agree to open and read email communications from BHF, and I will make sure I keep my account updated with my current email address. I will add BHF [office ~at~ beeheavenfarm and [farmigo.beeheavenfarm ~at~] to my safe senders address book to protect emails from spam filters.

I have read and understand this agreement, and by enrolling/purchasing a share or placing an order, I acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions herein.