GrowFest! is now Tropical Harvest Heritage Fest … a  collaboration of Bee Heaven Farm & the Fruit & Spice Park We’re excited to announce the Tropical Harvest Heritage Fest, a melding of our beloved GrowFest! and the long-running Redland Heritage…

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New to Community-Supported Agriculture? Before you sign up, please read the online brochure, farm policy, and the FAQs, and peruse the newsletter archive to familiarize yourself with our program. These should answer all your questions, including share sizes and composition…

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What’s the South Florida growing season like?

September & October: farmers clear the fields and begin planting for the main vegetable harvest season. This is also historical peak hurricane risk for South Florida.

late October & November: harvesting starts for fast-growing greens and early crops

December – March: South Florida’s peak vegetable harvest season. While the rest of the country freezes, our warmer weather fosters an abundant and varied selection of locally-grown produce; many tropical fruit trees begin blooming.

April-early May: changing weather… primary vegetable growing season winds down, fields are plowed and prepared for summer. Harvesting begins for early varieties of tropical fruit.

May – August: peak summer, rainy season, main harvest time for many  tropical fruit and tropical vegetables. Resting fields are left fallow or planted in cover crops to foster regeneration. 

SNAP/EBT with FAB incentives

We accept SNAP/EBT and double your buying power for SNAP purchases with Fresh Access Bucks. 
We will match up to $40 good on Florida-grown produce and food plants. Spend $40 on your EBT card, get $40’s worth of free Florida-grown fruits and veggies, vegetable seeds and food plants!
Use your FAB incentives in our CSA program, our market booth, and farm events.

OTC/Healthy Foods Network

We participate in the OTC Network. Use your Healthy Foods OTC benefits card to buy our farm products.


Organic Farming & Sustainable Agriculture: Preserving Our Future Here in South Florida, our subtropical climate enables us to grow many tropical varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers quite successfully. The high humidity and warm climate present unique disease, weed and pest control challenges to organic growers.

In keeping with our commitment to future generations, we adhere to strict organic practices and use sustainable agriculture methods whenever possible…. Read more


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