Why Choose Organic?

If you’re concerned about what you eat,
If you don’t want pesticide residues on your food,
If you have chemical sensitivities,
If you want to protect the environment,writemyessayrapid.com urgentessay.net
then certified organic foods are for you.

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You Can’t Afford Not To!

We adhere or exceed USDA National Organic Program (NOP) standards, and are USDA-certified organic by Quality Certification Services. We may be a bit more costly than a similar product grown by larger farming operations using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides . But you buy the peace of mind that comes from knowing we only use what Nature provides…naturally!


You may find that organically-grown produce sometimes contains blemishes writemyessayrapid.com urgentessay.net or scars. This in no way affects the eating quality, and is your assurance that strong, potentially harmful pesticides were not used to produce a ‘picture-perfect’ product.