Rachel’s Eggs

Our award-winning* eggs are produced right on our farm. Our hens are fed USDA certified organic non-GMO**, soy-free feed, and food from the farm. For protection from predators, they’re pastured on the farm in their chicken tractors.

*Our eggs were top-rated countrywide in 2012 and again in 2016 by The Cornucopia Institute, receiving a 5-egg ‘Exemplary-beyond organic’ rating. Check out their Organic Egg Scorecard report.
**Organic must be non-GMO by definition and by law.

What’s a chicken tractor?

It’s a bottomless, moveable pen, which provides shelter from the rain, roosting poles, nest boxes and protection from predators. We move them every few days to new grass, to give the hens access to fresh pasture, bugs, weeds and seeds. They, in turn, reduce the insect and weed population and fertilize the soil as they go along. We love it!  Over the years, we’ve gone through several iterations of chicken tractors, and have converted our portable pens to ‘Hummers’- fancy, aluminum, lightweight tractors that move around much more easily than our old heavy wood pens which rot in just a couple of seasons in our humid climate. Easy-Garden makes the units.

Our first flock of happy hens began laying in November 2004. We add some new chicks each year, and cull our roosters and older hens.  We carry New Country Organics certified organic feed, available for purchase in 50-lb bag quantities. Please check our online webstore or contact us for pricing and availability.

Our assortment of hens ensures that your eggs will include several shades of brown, white, green or blue and colored/tinted eggs, in every size imaginable. A surprise every time!

How can I buy them?


  1. As a CSA member, you can add an EGG Share option to your veggie share. Quantities are limited- first-come/first-served!
  2. You can order them for pickup at our summer locations in Redland, Dadeland, and OMNI on Saturdays, and at the Pinecrest Farmers Market on Sundays , from May through October- get on our email list and we’ll notify you when they’re available;
  3. During the winter season, if we have any extra that week, get them at our Farmers’ Market booth in Pinecrest, on Sunday mornings, beginning in January through mid-April (BUT be advised – CSA members get theirs first, so there might not be any to bring to market!)