11th Annual Farm Day at Bee Heaven Farm

Farm Day 2015

Redland Oriental Fruit Fly Quarantine

An 85 square mile area encompassing a large chunk of our Redland agricultural lands is under quarantine for the Oriental Fruit Fly (OFF). As of this posting, the quarantine will be lifted the end of January, provided no more flies are found. This is a severe infestation, but thankfully contained to a relatively small core area. Because this fly has a very varied appetite,  restrictions are in place Read more

It’s Avocado harvest season – shipping now

kissing-beauties shipping-boxes-webOur Donnie and Hardee avocados are at their peak!         Order now
Spread some Florida Sunshine with a gift box of our amazing Donnie avocados – add some raw farm honey to sweeten the deal.
We ship anywhere in the contiguous US, except California.