Margie Pikarsky is the heart and soul of Bee Heaven Farm. Her passion for growing things and firm belief that humans should step lightly on the planet drive her farming philosophy.


Rachel Pikarsky is the resident farm artist. Growing up on the farm, her art has been inspired by the farm, its people, and nature.

Nick Pikarsky is Margie’s other half. You’ll find him minding the non-perishables at the farmers market, mowing down the weeds at the farm., or tinkering with techy stuff.
Steve Green owns and manages the other parcel of our certified organic operation. This is where our lychees, most of our mangoes, and assorted other tropical fruit are grown.
Miguel Bode is our long-time beekeeper. Our bees are an integral component of our farm, pollinating our fruits and veggies, and occasionally chasing celebrity chefs and videographers around!