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Family share in Feb 2013

Enroll now for the upcoming 2017/2018 CSA season

Enjoy 100% local (South Florida) veggies direct from the farms, harvested just for you.
Join our multi-farm CSA and receive  weekly or biweekly
FRESH•LOCAL•SEASONAL•SUSTAINABLE•and•ORGANIC veggies during harvest season
from late November thru mid-April.

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Unveiling our website makeover!

Check out our new look!

One day in June 2015, I was working late on CSA webstore orders. I logged on to PayPal to pull an activity report. There was a reminder about a deadline the next day for a Business Makeover contest. Intrigued, I decided on a whim to enter the contest. I had to say in 150 words or less how my business could benefit from a website makeover and a Surface Pro 3.

A couple of months later, I’d forgotten all about it. Then a thick packet arrived in the mail with all sorts of official-looking paperwork, informing me that I was a finalist, with a deadline requiring me to sign documents right way. Being wary of scams, I was a bit suspicious, but decided to read everything carefully. It was legit!

PayPal letter PayPal prize
Bee Heaven Farm was one of 5 winners awarded nationwide. WOW!






Today, the makeover is live! Our website is now mobile-friendly, responsive, and easier to maintain, with a crisp look and a modular design that can keep up with changing demands inherent in seasonal farming.

Thanks to PayPal, the folks at Swirl, and Microsoft.